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Enactus Knust: Find Out What That Is All About

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Enactus is a non-profit organization which has establishments in over 1700 campuses in 36 countries. Enactus comprises of students, academic and business leaders in the tertiary institutions. Their goal is to create a sustainable world and empower lives through the positive power of entrepreneurship.

Enactus is a mashup of the words Entrepreneurial, Action, and US. Enactus KNUST is the stronghold of Enactus Ghana which is one of many chapters in the Enactus story. Enactus KNUST is a community of entrepreneurial leaders who see business as a way to address social problems or issues. Enactus provides the platform to mobilize and inspire university students to create community development projects that harness and develop their talents and skills while improving the livelihoods of people in need. Guided by educators and supported by business leaders who serve on the business advisory board, they conduct needs assessments in communities, identify potential solutions to complex issues and implement community impact projects using business principles and innovation. The members (students) of Enactus are called Enactors. Enactus KNUST has been active since 2005.

Our work transforms both the lives of the people we serve and the members (students) as they develop into more effective, value-driven leaders gaining valuable experience to advance their personal and professional lives. Enactus KNUST is currently enacting five projects which is impacting the lives of many communities. These high impact projects have won Enactus KNUST the national award over the past four years and is currently, arguably, the best in Ghana. They have also given Enactus KNUST the opportunity to compete at the Enactus World Cup where students all over the world meet and compete to decide who has had the most impact and award that group.

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Details on the projects of Enactus KNUST are as follows;

1. REECOPLAST – RECYCLED ECO-FRIENDLY PLASTICS River Densu serves as a source of drinking water for more than four million people living in the Greater Accra, Central and Eastern Regions of Ghana. But indiscriminate dumping of plastic waste has left the nation with a number of problems: pollution of the river, choking drains and causing flood prone areas and reduction in the span of aqua life. Reecoplast is a social intervention that recycles plastic waste into bricks, in a bid to provide clean drinking water and provide innovative employment for the youth. 

2. WELLFED: Food goes waste at all points of the food chain and this weighs heavily on humanity, globally. Small – holder farmers in developing countries suffer food waste and loss at production primarily due to the lack of effective irrigation and preservation technologies and in most rural areas, a lack of access to ready market. Project WellFed tackles this problem in Akumadan, a small farming community in the Offinso North district of the Ashanti region of Ghana, which was in times past, known as the biggest tomato producer of the nation. Our solution is to carry out training on safe and efficient farming practices and the use of mechanized storage units to prolong shelf life of the tomatoes produced, provide market access and financial education to the farmers.

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3. EFFISHENT: Project Effishent addresses malnutrition among basic school children and supplement the school feeding programme in Bomso and Weweso M/A JHS both in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Effishent is a hydroponics project that uses an innovative way to grow crops in bottles so as to save land space, water and at the same time, tackle plastic pollution. We also seek to scale up to as many schools in the metropolis as possible and commercialize our production to serve as source of income to the team as well as the beneficiary schools. 

4. BAMSIMA: In most rural areas in Ghana, students capable of excellent output have to settle with being average or below due to poverty and resulting unavailable learning resources to maximize their potential depriving them of quality education. With Bamsima, Enactus KNUST is providing basic school children with access to well – stocked study centers and mentorship leveraging these study centers to provide easy access to quality and higher education, starting with Atwima Akyeremade. 

5. REL Remote Learning Project (REL) is a comprehensive disability friendly virtual learning platform for deaf high school students. This project was enacted to mitigate the immediate impact of school closures as a result of the pandemic particularly for deaf senior high school students and ensure continuity of education through remote learning.

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The above projects have given Enactus KNUST the opportunity to impact so many lives and represent Ghana at the World Cup level by winning the national championship four year in a row to 2020 and also compete for certain awards. Some of such competitions and awards are as follows;

1. Ford Motor Company Fund Covid19 College Challenge (Winner)

2. 2020 Enactus Ghana National Competition (Winner, 4X in a row)

3. 2020 Enactus World Cup (Semi Finalist)

4. African German Entrepreneurship Challenge (Winner)

5. 2020 Hult Prize Regionals (Finalist)

If you ever find yourself on any campus, especially KNUST, do well to join Enactus and make a difference. In case you want to reach out for more information and also seek further clarification you can find Enactus KNUST on social media; Instagram, Twitter and You tube. Check out the flyer below.

Source: hypercitigh.com / Sebastian Otoo

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