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Women’s Division One League: Ridge City to file complaint against Starlet Ladies for ‘faking’ injuries

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Women’s Division One League club, Ridge City FC, says that it would file an official complaint against Starlet Ladies for forfeiting Saturday’s game at the McDan La Town Park.

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They have accused Starlet Ladies of pretending to have insufficient players to continue their game after conceding eight goals in the first half.

Ridge City coach, Louis Ano-Ampofo says that Starlet Ladies’ action during the game is backward and counters collective effort to revive women’s football in the country.

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Louis Ano-Ampofo wants punitive actions taken against Starlet Ladies’ to prevent such occurrences in the future.

He says that the outcome of the game is even more disappointing for his side as it hinders their progress in catching up on the league table.

“…that’s where the disappointment is. The teams that are ahead of us are having huge goals differences and for us to catch up with them we needed those goals”

“It looks like it’s intentional. I don’t know what they’re going to say to defend it, but it just looks intentional. It’s obvious, if you can’t play, just call it off. After all, if you don’t play, you don’t get embarrassed,”

“We are going to do that [file complaint] because if this is something that is deliberately planned and executed, then I don’t think this is going to help for the promotion of the Women’s game. We are trying to raise the game and if some people are going to do this to bring down everything that we are trying to do, I don’t think we need them in the industry”

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Coach Ano-Ampofo says that the situation has, to an extent, demoralized his team as their efforts in the game would not count for what it’s worth.

He singled out Cecelia Nyama, the club’s lead goal scorer, who is aiming to finish as the competition’s highest scorer.

“They came here full of confidence knowing that they had a good difference to catch up so if you have 8 goals after 30 mins and it’s not going to count for anything, then obviously it’s going to affect them,” he told UniversSports

With two games remaining, Coach Ano-Ampofo says that the ladies will continue working hard to secure promotion.

“We have two games left and we just want to tackle each match as a final because we are yet to play with one of the teams we are competition for promotion with and I think it all has to go into the preparations,” he added.


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