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#UGDecides: We’ll work tirelessly toward implementation of SRC hostel project, Endowment fund – Team Asumadu, Ndukwe

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Presidential and Vice Presidential aspirants of the 2021 University of Ghana Students Representative Council (UGSRC) Prince Asumadu and Wisdom Ndukwe have promised to tackle the accommodation crisis on campus when they are elected to lead the student body after this year’s SRC  elections.

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Prince Asumadu and Wisdom Ndukwe stated in their policy document that they are going to work tirelessly to see the successful implementation of the SRC Hostel project.

This project, they stated, when completed, will see a significant number of students benefitting from it.

‘The Asumadu led administration in active collaboration with the General Assembly and the University management would work tirelessly towards the implementation of the SRC hostel project which has been halted for several years due to certain resolvable issues. We are convinced that upon the successful completion of this project, a significant number of students would benefit; be settled, have access to academic resources on campus, and enhance their social network which in turn sharpens their social skills.”

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Also, the team promised to liaise with owners of the private hostels on campus i.e. Pent, Evandy, Bani, TF, to make University of Ghana students a priority when admitting residents into their facilities.

“Along the Pent stretch, there are a number of private hostels on University of Ghana land that houses students from other universities around. In view of the fact that the modular system would be ending and the demand for accommodation on campus would be intense, private hostels on the university of Ghana campus should give preference to students from the University of Ghana first before they admit students from other universities. This is intended to ensure UG students are a high priority in the allocation of these.”

The team, among many other policies, has promised to create an SRC Endowment fund that will support students who lose their parents/guardians and cannot fend for themselves.

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This fund, they said, will also cover the needs of students in terms of feeding, accommodation, and other provisions that the SRC and University scholarships cannot cover in light of COVID-19.

“When the parent(s) and or guardian(s) of students pass on students may face some difficulty with respect to fending for themselves or paying for their fees. It is important that the SRC creates a more institutionalized avenue to collate benevolent contributions towards these activities.”

Prince Asumadu and Wisdom Ndukwe top Presidential position at SRC aspirant vetting

Prince Asumadu and Wisdom Ndukwe on Saturday, July 31, 2021, appeared before an eight-member vetting panel to answer important questions pertaining to the office they were running for and the policies they planned to implement.

Pursuant to the Constitutional Instrument for this year’s elections, aspirants who obtained a cumulative average of 60% and above from the collective vetting committee were deemed sufficiently recommended.

A communique signed by the Chairperson of the Vetting Committee, Henry Ackon disclosed that all the 13 aspirants who appeared to be vetted had passed and were duly recommended by the committee to stand for the elections.

The results provided by the committee showed that; Prince Asumadu and Wisdom Ndukwe topped the presidential position with a score of 86.89%, followed by Samuel Ofosu Amos and Alfred Acquah with a score of 81%, Felix Ayittah and Paul Andam with 69%; and Priscilla Ayeh and Henry Quarcoopome with 63.69%.


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