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UG-UTAG to elect new executive members on August 5

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The University of Ghana chapter of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UG-UTAG) is set to go to polls on August 5, 2021, to elect new executives.

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Executive positions occupied in this association is a 2-year tenure administration which comes to an end this year and new executives are on the roadmap to be elected to take over the baton from the old executive members.

Speaking to UniversNews, President of UG-UTAG, Dr. Samuel Nkumbaan outlined the electoral processes for the elections.

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He revealed that the Electoral Commission has released the list of eligible candidates for various portfolios and campaigning has commenced till the eve of the election day.

“Generally, we have an electoral Commission that…have the calendar that they announce in terms of when nominations are opened and when the nominations close. After close of nominations, they publish the names of persons that have been nominated, the people who nominated them and the witnesses to the nominations.
Thereafter, the date is fixed for when they introduce the eligible candidates for the various positions to general membership. And in our case, that happened yesterday. Thereafter, you are allowed to campaign. So, campaign literally opened yesterday until the midnight of 4th of August. And then on the 5th of August, we will have the general elections.”

Dr. Nkumbaan expressed confidence in the EC to deliver a transparent online election since there will be a test run on the online script for the election by members.

“It is going to be electronic voting because of the Covid. So far everything has been smooth running. We have not had any hinges in relation to that. It is expected that within the two weeks of campaign, we will do a test run of the voting system that we are going to adopt on the day of the election. And so that is where we will have to do an assessment of the online script that is written for the election. And also, acquaint ourselves with the fact that the script is not written in the manner that will advantage or disadvantage any of the aspirants. So, we do have confidence in the Electoral Commission to deliver a good election.”

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Dr. Samuel Nkumbaan further stated that he is expectant of a keen contest because there is a great turnout of members contesting for the various portfolios as compared to previous elections. This, he explained, portrays the rejuvenation of interests in UTAG activities by members.

“For the first time in a long while, we are having a number of people contesting for the various positions. In the last elections, we had only the Vice President position contested. This time around, it is the only position that is not contested. The President position is contested by three persons, the Vice President position is uncontested. The Secretary’s position is two persons and Treasurer’s position, we have two people contesting. So, there is some kind of rejuvenation of interest in UTAG activities, and a lot more people are coming up to put themselves up for the association. We are expecting an exciting race, keen contest, sharing of ideas in terms of what our members expect of us, our national course.”

Dr. Nkumbaan added that the keen interest by more participants in this year’s election could be due to the mass involvement of members in the activities of the association via many online platforms.

“As a number of factors, one of them will be by virtue of the fact that usually, we held face-to-face meetings. And so, it was difficult for people to possibly move from their offices to the meeting venue and so we didn’t have many people participating in general meetings. But with the adverse of the pandemic, we started to engage more on the emails and on the use of zoom for meetings. Some of the zoom meetings record over 300 or 400 persons participating and that probably is the reason for which there is this new wave of rejuvenation of interest knowing that leadership was doing quite so much but members were unaware because they didn’t have access to that information in good time.” he opined.


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