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Saturday, December 3, 2022
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UG: Level 100 medical exam threatens Covid-19 outbreak

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The University of Ghana risks an outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus disease as scores of first-year students rush for medical examination in a glaring breach of Covid-19 protocols.

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The medical examination is an annual exercise mandated by the management of the university to ascertain the health status of every student and is carried out when fresh students enroll in the university.

This year’s exercise however has seen hundreds of these students gathering at the Central Cafeteria of the university in what appears to be a clear breach of the covid-19 protocols.

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Univers News’ interaction with some of the students revealed that they had been at the venue as early as 2:00 am in the morning and have been doing that for a couple of days without being attended to.

Scores of students were seen without nose masks, and the few who had nose masks wore them improperly whilst social distancing protocols were absolutely disregarded.

“I came here last week Thursday and I wasnt able to do it because there were so many people there. They told us to come back the next day and still weren’t able to do it. We’ve been asked to come today too but as you can see there are so many people here fighting to do theirs.”

“I’ve been coming here for several days and have been unattended to. I came to pick a number here at 10pm yesterday but today they’re saying they are only using a list from Friday.” Some students lamented

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Another student expressed worry over the lack of adherence to the covid-19 protocols recommended by the Ghana Health Service.

“It’s clear that covid protocols have been thrown to the dogs, some are not wearing nose marks, others aren’t wearing it properly and no social distancing, and it is ironic that this is supposed to be a medical examination” he said

Other students suggested to the management of the university to consider extending the exercise to the vacation period when it is convenient for most students or consider additional facilities to speed up the process.

“Management should consider providing another venue in addition to this to facilitate the process or consider conducting the exercise during the vacation” they suggested.


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