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Criminalize adultery, it is a also sin – Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko to parliament

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Founder of a policy think tank, Danquah Institute, Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko has been seen actively campaigning against the anti-LGBTQ bill brought before parliament to ban the advocacy and act of homosexuality in all its current and future forms in Ghana.

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He has condemned the bill saying that it will cause hate and international disdain for Ghana.

The prominent lawyer and politician in his recent tweet claimed that since Ghanaians are criminalizing LGBTI because of their Christian values, they should also consider incriminating adultery because it flies in the face of the rules of the Christian faith.

“Majority of Ghanaians are Christians. They believe in upholding Christian values. Adultery is a serious sin punishable by death (Lev. 20:10). I am therefore proposing a petition to Parliament for a Private Member’s Bill for a law against adultery, imposing stiff penalties,” his post read.

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Gabby Otchere Asare-Darko, earlier charged Members of Parliament to focus on laws that will protect children and other vulnerable people in the society instead of criminalizing homosexuality.

The influential member of the New Patriotic Party(NPP) on Twitter stated that it was unnecessary for our legislators to be making laws against homosexuality which is something that two consenting adults choose to do in their bedroom.

“This is what I call positive law. It protects children. Let us promote laws that protect children and the vulnerable and not on what 2 consenting adults choose to do in the bedroom. If you say no to unnatural carnal knowledge you deny yourself even oral sex with your own spouse”.He wrote.

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Gabby Otchere Asare-Darko further stated that the anti-LGBTQ bill put together by Ghanaian parliamentarian, Samuel Nartey George and some other parliamentarians is an attempt to get Ghana blacklisted for promoting hate.

“Gay+ activities are already illegal in our country. But, we aren’t known to hate. The President has given his word he won’t legalise it. This Bill only serves one purpose: to get Ghana blacklisted for promoting hate! Surely, the promoters of the Bill can’t say they aren’t aware!”

Ghanaian parliamentarian Samuel Nartey George has been seriously involved in the advocation for the criminalization of homosexuality.

He and seven other members of parliament have put together an anti-LGBTQ  bill to “ban the advocacy and act of homosexuality in all its current and future forms.”


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