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How to change your programme of study after gaining admission to KNUST [Details here]

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Coming to the KNUST is a dream come true for many and some, it is a lifetime experience they will never forget. Hence, a lot of people try to make the best out of it. They strive for the best grades, good relationships, and making strong connections for the future.

Before all that excitement is a period called the admission process which looks “sophisticated” to a lot of new entrants or fresh applicants. During this process, applicants are required to choose the programmes or courses they want to pursue when they get admission to the University. Applicants are required to choose a number of courses which they will arrange in the order of most preferred (best known as the first choice) to the least preferred.

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It is the wish of every single applicant to get admitted to KNUST to come and read their first-choice programs but whether one gets that privilege or not is determined by a number of metrics. An applicant’s likelihood to get their first-choice course can be affected by the general performance of applicants in that year cut-off points and the number of qualified applicants applying for the same programme.

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After taking all applicants through this simple but fate-deciding drill, the well-placed applicants get their first-choice programmes. Others are considered for their second choices and third choices depending on the same metrics used deciding whether they qualified for their first choice.

At the end of the process when provisional admission letters are issued, some applicants, unfortunately, end up getting admission to read programs they least wanted to read bringing us to the main reason for this article. 

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That question has bothered a lot of students for a long time forcing some to manage and complete the University studying courses they never liked. The answer to the question is YES! KNUST students can change their courses after gaining admission.

How is this done? The student will be required to complete his or her first year in the programme they were admitted to. For instance, if an applicant was admitted to read BA. English and wants to move to BA Political Science, the applicant is required to complete level 100 as a student of English. After the first year, the student can then inform the Head of Department (HOD) of their preferred program of his or her intention to change her program. The newly desired program must not too distant from the old one. For instance, a business student won’t be allowed to change their program to Medicine. The HOD of the new programme will request for the examination results of their previous programme and provided they meet the requirement and there is space to accept more students, their change of programme will be formalized.

ALTERNATIVELY, in the light of time, one can visit the admission portal via [htttps://] to request to make changes through the fee-paying options available. Go to the red shaded feepaying option and click on APPLY HERE.

The fee-paying option application will open-up, tick YES for apply for fee-paying programmes, first and second choice fee-paying options will open-up to select an available programme of choice.

NB: Programmes already applied for (as fee-paying) are not loaded.

Click on SUBMIT when you are done. This will be processed, and feedback rendered appropriately in due time. Do well be checking your admission portal from time to time!!

You can as well call the KNUST Admissions office on 0240130946 | 0500482807 to follow-up.

Source: | Peter Adivor

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