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The Poetic Yesu

Ernest Gyedu
Ernest Gyedu also known as Fantasma is a Socio economic data analyst who also has knowledge in Geospatial analysis. He is a hardworking goal driven and determind young lad who holds the portfolio of co-founder and managing director of hypercitigh media group.
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We all have hobbies or various activities we tried doing occasionally but along the line, it became a routine in our lives. These acts include Reading, writing of songs and Rap lyrics, who knows, you would find your true calling in any of these acts, for some of us it comes as a natural talent.
In Ghana being an artist is not an easy mandate to take upon, Taking people like Shatta wale, for instance, came a long way to be at the level he is today. He faced all forms of criticisms and insults but still delivering hit songs today.
Poets normally don’t make waves in Ghana, but there is a young guy who has started a trend on his own as people now because of him have fallen in love with the poetic part of art.
His name is Kpatakpa Alphonse Delali also known as Poetic Dela or Poet Dela, is a student of the Ghana Institute Of Journalism pursuing a B.A in Communications Studies with specialization in public relations. He is a past student of the Saint Thomas Aquinas Senior High School where he read General Arts.
Poetic Yesu as he is affectionately called by his readers has written so many poems/pieces and compilations which is currently enjoyed by most poetry readers in the Ghanaian Community. Sunshine, Sex Sells Faster Than Coke, If Only She Knew and The Real Her are titles of some poems he has written, just to name a few.
He is the author of the anthology “The Life Of Dela” which was launched just last month. The book is his first publication and contains a compilation of 50 poems about Humanity. The book has intriguing poems in it has he explores some facts about the human nature and as said earlier humanity at large. Poetic Yesu enjoys listening to Hip hop’s very own Kanye west and the biggest fan of the god Mc Manifest. This should inform how heavy his poem’s content are.
He is also owns a blog www.poeticdela.comwhere most of his poems are published on. Research on this blog shows a total number of 7000+ views/reads on the blog.
Poetic Dela is also into article writing, proof reading of poems, story writing, drama, script and a literary critic.
He also sells T-shirts which designs of some of the titles of his poetry to help finance his art since poetry doesn’t really sell or it’s being supported in our part of the world.
You can connect with him on
Facebook: Poet Dela   Twitter: @poeticdela1    Instagram: @poeticdela
WhatsApp: +233573327202
Website:  Email: [email protected]

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