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New GIJ-SRC executives to be elected; current executives to step down

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Management of GIJ has declared its decision not to recognize the current appointed leaders spearheading the affairs of the SRC as SRC executives.

According to management, “appointment of students to hold office as SRC leaders is alien to the SRC Constitution and in any case did not follow the procedure for the selection of student leaders as stipulated in the SRC Constitution”

This was sighted in a communiqué issued to students yesterday on Thursday 11th February 2021.

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Despite students doubt whether the communiqué was issued by management, the Dean of Student Rhodaline Amartey, in an interview said, “it came from management please I just posted it”.

In as much as the SRC constitution specifically indicates that an election must be conducted to elect SRC executives, that wasn’t than this academic year.  

A seven-member committee was set up by the immediate past SRC to vet interested aspirants who will want to occupy executive positions of the SRC.

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“In order to achieve this goal, a vetting committee has been instituted by the three arms of the SRC with the mandate of vetting interested aspirants for the various executive positions of the SRC and subsequently appoint the best applicants after the process”

But according to management, “some students petitioned the office of the Dean of Students and other principal members of GIJ to intervene in student governance since the current leaders were not legitimately selected by students through elections as required by the SRC Constitution.

However, after a submission of a report by the Dean of Students to the Rector of GIJ Professor Kwamima Kwansah- Aidoo, management came to a conclusion not to “recognize the unlawful appointment of SRC executives and advises the appointed leaders not to hold themselves out or allow themselves to be held out as representatives of students of GIJ”.

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Adding that, “students shall elect a minimum of ten (10) and a maximum of seventeen (17) students representing the various constituencies of the student body to act on an interim basis to put in place structures, institutions and a timetable for the conduct of elections. The elected students shall liaise with the office of Dean of Students to ensure a smooth transition from an interim student body to the election of permanent leaders in accordance with the SRC Constitution”.

Below is the communique.

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