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How to access GIJ Student webmail

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The online platform for the End-of-Semester examination is presently active, but it requires a registered or an already existing user account to LOG IN.
For clarity purposes, GIJ’s Webmail System is not the same as the exams platform.

Ideally, the Webmail is designed primarily to send and receive messages on the internet, just like how we use Hotmail, Google Mail and Yahoo Mail. Here, official messages from Management will be sent to students through the webmail.

On the other hand, the Exams platform serves as a medium for you as a student, to solve and submit answers when questions are made available.

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More importantly, the exams platform can be accessed through a Moodle Application or an Internet Browser – and in gaining access to it, the steps below could help:-

Guidelines for downloading the webmail on laptops, desktops and smartphones

1. Download any Java Enabled Internet Browser such as Google Chrome, Brave, Mozilla Firefox, Opera HD etc.

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NB: Opera Mini is not recommended.

2. Type » https://learning.gij.edu.gh in the URL bar and press enter to open the homepage of the website.

3.  Locate and click on the login button at the top right corner of the website.
» Input your GIJ Webmail Address as the Username. Example; BACS20353@gij.edu.gh

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» Input 1v9bt49nLtg as the password and click on Login.
Please take note that, the password is case sensitive, make sure you type it as it is.

4. After a successful login, click/tap on the White User/Avi Icon located at the top right corner of the page to grant you access to various options.
» Visit the Dashboard page to read an overview of all your courses on the website.

Visit the View and Edit Profile pages if you wish to add or make changes to your profile information.

Kindly ignore this page if your information is correct.

» Visit the Grades page to view your scores after a completed exercise on the website.

» Visit the Calendar page to manage your current and upcoming events on the website.

» Visit the Preference page to change your default password to a new one.

At this stage, it is advisable to change your default password because of security reasons. Remember to set a simple but strong password, and avoid using complicated passwords.

Aside from changing your password, there are other relevant options you could make good use of.

4. Finally, click on the LOG OUT Button under the White User/Avi icon when you are ready to leave the website.

Moodle application for Andriod ios and Apple


The mobile application is an alternative way to access the exams platform in case you do not want to use the Web version.

1. Visit your Google Playstore or Apple Store and download MOODLE.

2. Launch the MOODLE application and type https://learning.gij.edu.gh as your site address.

» Input your GIJ Webmail Address as the Username and use 1v9bt49nLtg as the password before clicking on login.

The features on the Mobile Application is similar to that of the Web Version.

However, if you wish to change your default password, visit the exams platform with your Java Enabled Internet Browser and click on the Preference page to change your password.

You can scroll up a bit to find out how it was done.

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