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GIJ Management dissolves SRC leadership

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Current leadership of the Students’ Representative Council led by Alimatu Quaye Bartels have been dissolved according to a press release from the school’s management. 

In the said presser from the Public Affairs directorate of the institute, this decision comes as a result of an appeal by some concerned students. 

“Management has resolved not to recognize the current appointed executives of the Student Representative Council (SRC) as the bona fide student leaders of the Institute” the notice stated. 

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Addressing the issue further, the statement said that issues and concerns raised by the concerned students surrounded the illegitimacy of the process relied on to put the current leadership in office and upon legal and factual considerations by management, there has been a final resolve to dissolve this leadership. This they say is to “…restore peaceful academic work and legitimate student governance”.

In the decisions taken, the following resolutions were the final conclusion of management;

1. Management has officially declared the method used to appoint the current leadership (vetting and appointment) as “alien” to the constitution of GIJ-SRC and thus has directed that they (current leadership) do not hold themselves up as leaders of the SRC. 

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2. Accordingly, the statement has stated that the Rector of the Institute together with management has in view of the happenings in the SRC decided to take charge of overseeing the welfare together with some appointed students who will in the end see to a proper election of new student leaders for the institute. 

3. In relation to the students who will be appointed, an interim committee made up of a maximum of 10 and minimum of 17 students will be formed to support the dean of students in managing student affairs in the interim till such a time when elections can be held according to the GIJ-SRC constitution. 

Also, these 10 to 17 individuals instructively will be made up of individuals representing the various constituencies of the institute. 

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In the end, management according to the statement looks forward to the committee “putting in place structures, institutions and a timetable for the conduct of elections.”

“The elected students shall liaise with the office of Dean of Students to ensure a smooth transition from an interim student body to the election of permanent leaders in accordance with the SRC Constitution” the statement concluded whiles calling on students who might be aggrieved by this decision to petition the office of the dean of students two weeks after the issuance of the notice. 

 Click here too download the full press release titled ‘Communique on SRC Leadership’.

Credit : Samuel Swanzy-Baffoe

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