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‘September rush’ now ‘January rush’: How first years fall prey

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Andrews Aibi Junior
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The thought of the days approaching for your West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination(WASSCE) is an apprehensive feeling, and then again walking into the internet café to check your results when it is finally out is frightening, but when you ultimately get to enter university, it feels like a whole new world of experiences. One thing I am unsure of is that after filling that form of your dream university, do you get to sit down and ponder if your first year in the university would be anything like your first year at the senior high school level?

You sure might have passed these stages but you are not in school yet because coronavirus ruined literally everything. So, here’s the rebirth of September Rush as January Rush with the heart of September Fun. I am not certain if fun is the right word but all the same there is more fun to it for most of the Dons. Let me walk you through what September Rush is all about.

 September Rush is chiefly about the first years (ripped fruits) getting picked by the Dons (continuing students). What I mean is first years getting preyed on by continuing students by luring them into fake relationships just to lay them or spend their monies. Do not feel so excited when continuing students approach you for a relationship as you may only end up being a victim of a game: September Rush!

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Not fun, right? Yes, and as if not worse enough, there are other September rush games you might fall victim to as a fresher:

  1. You might end up in a lecturer’s chamber after asking for directions to get to the library. You read right, the lecturer’s chamber! The thing is, continuing students realizing by your demeanor that you’re a first-year student will show you an out of order direction just to make a victim out of you unknowingly, and oh, a fresher might make you fall victim as well. I mean, why would I make it so obvious I’m a fresher and tell you I have no idea and seem naïve? This one happens from both sides, ugh!
  2. At this point, I am sad at the cheeky ways just anyone can make a fresher fall victim to September Rush when freshers on the other hand think they are already bossed up and informed. Sellers in one way or the other will realize you are a fresher and double the normal price:  Helenus is unlikely to do this (I wish I could add a crying emoji).
  3. Sellers will come to you at your hostels and halls of residence and persuade you to purchase something which you will eventually get to know is worthless and not needed at the University. Mind me, their words are so saccharine you’d forget you read about this.
  4. Let me once more mention and give details of the chief actors in September Rush, the fake relationships. You see that guy or lady who would be on you all the time to come for church service? Fear them! You notice that final-year students talking to you about marriage after graduation? Run for your life.

I would love to go on and on, but I do not want the Dons coming at me for squeezing the juice out of their fun game and laying bare their tricks.

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My best advice however is, to double-think every encounter as a fresher otherwise you might fall prey to a deadly, yet fun game. Let me emphasize these points once more, the Dons are mostly in to lay you, spend your monies, and ditch you right after. That’s is what September Rush is entirely about.  Be guided fresher!

By: Emmanuella Harrison | Hypercitigh.com

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