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List of 7 Money Making Businesses on Campus


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List of 7 Money Making Businesses on Campus

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Entrepreneurship in Tertiary institutions is recognized as a major driver of innovation. Entrepreneurs have the power to shape the world by developing versatile skill sets and profitable businesses that are crucial to the progress of our economies.

But how does one learn to be a successful entrepreneur? How do we inspire young people especially student s in higher institution to take up the challenge to keep learning so they can make their mark on the world? We need to dedicate more resources to the formation of entrepreneurial environments in tertiary institutions; environments that foster progressive ideas and innovation, and equip students with practical knowledge and skills they need to navigate the choppy waters of business ownership.

Entrepreneurs are valuable assets to any country. They should be cultivated and nurtured; not given extra obstacles to overcome. Entrepreneurial ventures have the potential to shape the way we live and work in addition to creating jobs and contributing to the nation’s economy.

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Are you struggling to come up with entrepreneurial opportunities/ activities on campus that can fetch money in the Tertiary institution?.

This article walks you through a bunch of entrepreneurial opportunities, covering online ideas, academic ventures, simple services you can provide which wouldn’t have an effect on your studies and can be done during your leisure period as well as fetch you money.

7 Entrepreneurship Ideas for University/College Students

Here are seven best opportunities you can start while studying

  1. Start a Blog- a blog is an online journal or information reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where a writer or a group of writers share their views on issues. Starting a blog is like establishing yourself as an expert. A blog gives you the chance to express what you feel and at some point, other internet users can be inspired by the same. As a blogger there is the need to connect with your audience by giving them what they want and ultimately fetch you money. There are several factors to keep in mind when you are starting blog because a good blog attracts more views and the more the views the more you make money.
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You need to take your time when selecting a topic. You should know that when doing this, it must be an area of expertise. Assuming you are in the marketing business, writing blogs about digital marketing is key.

Consider your target audience. Keep in mind that different people have different preference when it comes to their tone of writing.

Finally never forget to use images that can capture your readers’ attention. Keep in mind images are easily registered in the brain.

  1. Make-up business- Make-up has become one of the booming businesses in the cosmetology industry.  If you are passionate about helping people look their best, and to earn income, this could be the best business venture. Almost everyone wants to look good and different for an event or occasion. Students go for events like dinners, parties etc and would like to look different or enhance their looks. Invest in some quality products and start hitting up all your peers as clients As a make-up artist, you are the core of your business. You are the only one who can ensure that every aspect of your business is running smoothly. Marketing yourself as a makeup artist is so important. Marketing takes careful consideration, time and creative thinking and requires you to us variety of different methods. Good self-promotion starts with a good perception of you. Your network is your ally and provides word-of-mouth marketing for business. Social media is an easy and affordable way to promote yourself to a mass audience. Focus on quality not quantity and choose just a few social media platforms like Instagram to invest your energy.
  1. Selling online- Online business has now become the order of the day. If you want to start marketing on social media, it is best to choose a social network like Instagram or Facebook. This kind of entrepreneurship is competitive because there are obviously multiple people who might be selling the same product as yours. There are some things to look out for when starting an online business that would attract more buyers in other to fetch you more money.
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You will have to take some time to research your targeted group of people so that you have an understanding of what kind of post are more likely to engage audience. 

Explore users and hashtags on social media where you believe your audience is likely to congregate. Once you have explored some online communities for your target group, you will get an idea of the content, and interest that will be enjoyable for your audience to follow.  Think about what kind of content your audience is likely to engage (like, comment &share).  Do not underestimate the importance of your content. Users can follow and unfollow with the click of a button, so you need to give them a reason to keep following you. The more the followers and views the more the chance to get purchases and to earn money.

  1. Hair  business- if you are in love with hair braiding, hair styling , make of wigs and are passionate about helping people look their best, and to earn income, this could be a prime business venture. You could operate on and/or off campus; meeting clients wherever they are. Familiarize yourself with different types of hair styles and braids and make sure you are up to date on current trends in both personal and professional settings. To generate additional revenue and profits for your business, you can sell hair products-shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and more- alongside your styling and braiding services.

Marketing is an essential process for every business. You can also create a social media business page where you could market your works and for customers to get to know you on a more personal level. Engage your target market and sharing behind-the scenes content (like before and after photos of clients’ braids or hair styles) the more you do this the more people would book your services dependent on their location, this will build your credibility and cultivate brand awareness.

  1. Design business- have you ever wondered what makes your creative brain extra special? No matter how different ten accountants are, they will always have the same answer to one plus one. Put fifteen creative people in one room, however, and you will see different works of art when asked to illustrate a flower. You need to know some sales basics. Remember that this is a business, and your talent is your main product. When you are trying to sell yourself, you can’t just expect your work to do all the talking. In other to make money out of designing you have to expand your network. You have to know exactly what to say to the right people to have new clients booking your services.

Always master the way you work and figure out how many projects you can work on at a single time. You can as well set a doable timetable for that project before starting on the next one. This also gives you more focus on your studies, aside from that it helps you avoid being overworked.

You can go to the extent of marketing your works online for people to see and as well book your services.

  1. Event planning- Most students like to party, and go to events like dinners, hall weeks, anniversaries etc in school. This is an opportunity for you to make good use of these events, by venturing into event planning. This type of activity brings a lot of money but you will need excellent organizational skills and plenty of contacts. In other to get clients to increase your revenue, you need to be creative in your decorations. Try and build up a good relationship with suppliers, as you might be able to strikes up a deal with them to get a discount on party supplies or decorations. You can also create a social media business page where you could market your works and for customers to get to know you on a more personal level. Your income depends on how you market yourself, so the more diligent you are in this area of responsibilities, the sooner you will be able to enjoy a profitable business as an event planner. Once you start gaining clients, try to capture every decoration you create. ‘Before’ and ‘After’ shots are particularly helpful, as they highlight your skills in an instant.
  1. Cooking business– if you are a skilled cook you could be making money out of it by selling your delicious creation. It is a great way to combine a hobby with a business.

Before staring a cooking business you have to decide the kind of food you want to sell and how. A variety of food-related business options include catering, meal delivery services and baked goods.

It is very important that you research before starting the business, because it’s very competitive 

Marketing!, the most important aspect of a business. You can also consider using social media platforms such as facebook and instagram. Put up a lot of pictures of your products. 

Lastly, you can pitch with supermarkets to sell your products especially baked foods like doughnuts, chips etc

In conclusion, entrepreneurship creates value by seizing opportunities, assuming risks, solving problems and taking action.

Tertiary institutions play a crucial role in underpinning innovation and entrepreneurial activities.  They should provide the conditions, facilities and talent that foster the emergence of breakthrough ideas.

By: | Farida Iddrisu

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