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Here’s GES prescribed way to do school self-placement

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Luckily, there 101 ways on how to do school self-placement on the internet but the sad part is almost all the steps are outdated and confusing, in this article, we will show you the tips and tricks to do SHS school self-placement

What is Self-placement: self-placement is when a candidate is given the opportunity to select available schools provided by the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) depending on the grade.

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How to do BECE school self-placement in 2020

Educationweb.com.gh entreats candidates to visit any nearby Internet Cafe or use a laptop to start this process instead of using a smartphone.

Please also note that not all web browsers are good for the process, from our experience, Mozilla Firefox is the best even though others prefer chrome. Using Firefox will save you from connection timeouts.

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1. Visit the CSSPS website at cssps.org or cssps.gov.gh

2. Then select the check placement module on the left-hand side

3. Enter your BECE Index Number (eg. 100000000019) and

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4. Enter your E-Voucher Code (12-digits)

5. Click on Proceed to be redirected to the self-placement module

When redirected successfully to the Self-placement module, you will be provided with a selection of schools to pick from base on your aggregate.

6. Choose carefully your desired school,

7. Choose your residential preference (Day/Boarding).

8. Select your programme of choice

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9. After doing all the necessary checks, confirm and print. Remember that once you have completed the selection process it can not be undone or changed.

Source: Educationweb.com.gh

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