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Top 5 Best Pets To Consider For Your Child

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Maxwell Odonkor
Maxwell Odonkor
Maxwell Odonkor is an Entrepreneur with over 5 years of experience in Website Design, Graphic Design, and Search Engine Optimization. He is the founder of Maxibern Digital, a leading IT firm in Ghana which specializes in Website Design, Graphic Design, and Digital Marketing. Maxwell is also the founder of World Inspiring Network, a nonprofit organization that helps rural children to gain access to quality education, trains and empowers the youth, and also raises the bar when it comes to women empowerment.
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Are you looking forward to getting the best pet for your child? No need to get worried. There are still super friendly pets out there that are safe in which your child will love. 

Always keep in mind that each pet has unique needs and characteristics and therefore, you must take into account certain factors such as life span, care requirements, space, and temperament. If you like to know more about raising up a pet, be sure to visit The Goody Pet

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Caring for pets can give a positive experience to your child. It is very important as it teaches them how to take responsibility, be selfless, and be self-restraint. Pets can also provide your child with educational opportunities, entertainment, companionship whilst keeping him/her healthy. Pet’s doesn’t only help children but also goes a long way to build family bonds, provide comfort, encourage nurturing.

In this article, I am going to share with you the top 5 best pets you should consider. However, to be able to choose the one that will be the best option, you have to do a lot of research as you would when buying a new car. This is because some of the pets might be easy and simple to get but might be difficult to take care of in terms of their needs and how they interact with people.

Top 5 Best Pets To Consider For Your Child


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Cats and Kittens are not only childhood favorites but favorites to grownups like myself. Cats are neat, friendly, loving, and are easy to take good care of. They need less attention, grooming, training and also have lower maintenance costs. If you are looking for a pet that is super good for apartments or city living, then a cat should be your best choice. I see cats to be better than dogs if you are looking for a pet for your child.

Being a lover of cats I have realised that cats require regular veterinary check-ups the same as dogs do.

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When choosing a cat for your child make sure to choose the one that is super friendly and suitable to be around children. Choosing a cat for your kid may be far better than a dog especially if your family has a very small or limited living space.


Pubbys remain on my second topmost list of pets that are friendly and probably the most classic children’s pet. The same as cats, always keep in mind that choosing the ideal dog for your child is similar to finding the right girlfriend or boyfriend in our world today. Some dogs may be stubborn and may not be suitable for children. When considering adopting a dog, be sure that the dog is well-socialized and comfortable when it’s around children.

Whatever breed you choose needs a significant commitment of time and effort. Unlike cats, puppies require more attention, grooming, and training. They also require regular veterinary checkups and immunizations, and plenty of love. My most kid-friendly breeds include:

  • boxers
  • Labrador retrievers
  • beagles
  • golden retrievers


Children also love to have fish as their best friends. Fish may be one of the perfect “starter” pets for your child. However, you should keep in mind that not just any fish will do. Goldfish for instance may seem like the most obvious choice, yet they remain to be the breed that is more challenging to raise as compared to the Siamese fighting fish (Betta fish).

According to the Parents Magazine, These Southeast Asian natives are adapted to survive in isolation, in surprisingly small amounts of stagnant water. You may not even need aerators, filters, heaters, or chemicals.

The Magazine also stated clearly that betta fish seem to grow and thrive best in small aquariums with at least two gallons of water, regularly changed and kept between 76 and 82°F (24 and 28°C). When buying your fish from a store make sure to ask for the best advice on how best to care for them.


Some best are highly and super intelligent however, they can be excellent pets for kids. However, owning a bird is more demanding and time-consuming as compared to caring for cats, dogs, or fish. Though others are very social, all birds require almost daily attention.

More intelligent and most expensive birds such as cockatoos and cockatiels serve as great pets but the disadvantage is that they require more attention. If you are looking for a good starter for your kids that is inexpensive and also requires little attention, then parakeet or canaries may be the best option. 


Rabbits can also be considered as a good choice for children; however, it needs adult supervision. Rabbits are sociable and gentle like guinea pigs and therefore good for younger kids.

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