Aminu Suleman

Aminu Suleman is a Registered Nutritionist who provides expert nutrition advice in areas such as developing meal plans for individuals to promote health and well being, educating clients about the importance of specific foods and nutrients and working with schools and community centers to provide balanced dietary resources for children and program participants

What You Need to Know About Hidden Fat

What You Need to Know About Hidden Fat Most people are surprised to learn that fat has some virtues. Fats perform many culinary functions during...

Why People Choose to Be A Vegetarian

Vegetarianism is the practice of abstaining from the consumption of meat such as red meat, poultry, seafood and any other meat from animals. It...

What You Never Knew About Scorched Rice (Kanzo)

One of the best reasons why many people choose saucepan over rice cooker for cooking rice is that it gives you a special exciting...

The Other Side of Fiber You Did Not Know

Dietary fiber refers to the nondigestiblee (by human enzyme) carbohydrate and lignin that are intact and intrinsic in plants. Fibers are composed primarily of...

Can Covid-19 Patient Breastfeed Her Child?

Breastfeeding is the normal and unequalled method of feeding infants to provide them with nutrients they need for healthy growth and development.  The World...

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