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Three things in the exam hall which should not scare you

It’s that part of the semester again where we will have to remember lessons taught by our lecturers within the over 10 weeks of academic activities.
Examination is one thing many students will definitely want to take out of academic work.
What is even worse is the four corners of the examination hall which has caused some students to go blank on preparations they have made towards the exam.

Here are three things in the examination hall which you should not cause you to be afraid.
Quite a number of well-prepared students have failed exams because of invigilators. Trust me, their reaction to you alone at the entrance of the exams hall can make you forget all that you have learnt for the exam.

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However, do not allow that to intimidate you. It is their work to do whatever they are doing. Your’s is to be focused and pass that paper. You may know that invigilator to be very unfriendly and strict, but hey, stand your grounds in confidence. Remember, even the ‘wicked’ has a best friend.
Facial Expression of your colleagues
For most papers where we are unsure about the kind of questions that will be posed to us by the lecturer, we sometimes look at the facial expression of our fellow student who has already been served with his or her question paper. If he smiles towards the paper, that seems to be a sign of good omen but if it isn’t a smile, your guess is as good as mine.
Regardless, don’t be moved. Your level of understanding may not be the same as that of your colleague. You may have studied together, but it doesn’t mean that what is difficult to the other will be difficult to you too.
Again, don’t let your colleague be the judge of the difficulty of the paper, see it for yourself, and put on your own facial expression.
Cameras watching you
For some of the lecture halls, there are cameras there to spy on who is cheating. You entered the examination hall to write what you know about the questions the lecturer is asking.
You should not be in anyway be scared of that little camera staring at you.

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