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Stop Teasing Agric Students- IAAS KNUST President

Agricultural students in this country are not respected, they are teased, they are mocked, they are taken for granted. Students who are also in agricultural related fields go through the same trials.
The government has promised students in agricultural fields and the entire sector a number of times and we look forward to its fulfillment. Typical example is the PFJ.
Students in other fields such as law, medicine and engineering are to note that the future of the nation lies on agriculture and hence should stop discouraging students studying agriculture. Agricultural students all over this country should therefore not be discouraged by the way others act towards them. Some are seen as weeders, university rejects as seen at KNUST and the University of Ghana, others are seen as WAEC failures and so on. I admonish students in the field to hold fast to seriousness, encourage themselves and work hard for a better Ghana. They should see themselves as being in the best industry i.e agric industry.
We thank the government for providing monthly allowance to our Agricultural Colleges like that of Kwadaso, EJira and what have you. We call on the government to Godspeed the proceedings of the PFJ and also devise  means to make agricultural students feel as the real nation builders. They easily give up and fail as nation builders upon mockery because the nation doesn’t even recognize their efforts in the thrust of nation building.
One of our greatest wishes is that, government devises a Scholarship Scheme for students in agricultural fields to study various specialisations for our sector to develop.
Agriculture is a culture, is life, is the greatest science that has ever existed and the first science that was discovered in the garden of Eden. I strongly affirm that “when a tree dies, one man dies”, “when one agriculturist gives up, one national developmental policy dies”.
Stop teasing agricultural students but rather individuals and the government should support them in their quest of building a better nation through agriculture.

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