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See The Only Country in The World That Has No Mosque, And The Reason Why it Was So (Throwback)

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One the of the Strong Religion in the world is Islam, as it has over one billion followers and Believers across the globe. As Mohammed promulgated Islam as a religion in Arabia. Islam recognises GOD as their one true creator, and believe that Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of GOD, where the Quran Is the holy book that contains the word of GOD.

Popularly, muslims are known for paying homage and greetings in the aspect of “Assamu Alakum”, which means “Peace be with you. But Irrespective of the fact that Islam is popular, and has billions of followers around the globe, It is unbelievable to note that there is a country in Europe, that Islam is not practiced and is not recognized. There is no single mosque that can be found in that particular country. And they passed a decree against Islam in their country.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam_in_Slovakia

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The European country where Islam is not recognized or practiced is Slovakia. It has a population of about 5.4 million people. And it has an estimated number of about 75.9% Christians, over 13.4% religion, over 0.5% others in their country. But one unbelievable things that still amaze me is the fact that Islam, is not practiced or recognized in Slovakia as a whole. It is some how a taboo in their Nation. As there is no trace of Mosque in the entire country.

The Government of Slovakia passed a law, legislatively on November 30 206, to totally abolish Islam from gaining official recognized status as a Religion in Their Country. This act has made Slovakia the Only European country, that has no trace of Mosque in the country.

For the fact that Islam is never recognized in Slovakia, the little population that practice Islam as muslims, barely receive any support from the government of Slovakia. It is sad to note that, during the Friday Salah prayers, the muslims gathered in their small apartment to make their normal prayers, amidst their Salah celebration. And they gather somewhere for their Islamic teachings and learning of Quran.

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Since the Government of Slovakia has failed to recognize Islam as a religion, it directly means that Slovakia did not recognize the Marriage in Islamic Religious Manner, no school is allowed to teach their Muslim students about Islam. And this has affected then young generation on the root. To know about the existence and have knowledge, about Islam as a religion that was practiced by their Forefathers.

Now a Quick look as to why the Law was Passed.

It is a thing of concern that the citizens and the Government of Slovakia, sees Islam and Muslim from the angle that they presence, will bring about terrorism in their country. Having had series of terrorist attacks in the past, in the European countries, Europeans are pointing accusing fingers on Muslims as the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks.

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The Prime minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico had to officially block Islam. Saying that it is a pity that Islam has no place in their Country. Adding that is the duty of every Politician in Slovakia, to vividly note this fact. As he do not wish that they population will be up to 10,000.

“I am sorry to notify the general public, that Islam has no place in Slovakia. And it is the solemn duty of every Politician in Slovakia to note this fact. And I do not wish hat their population will be up to 10,000”, Minister Robert Fico said.

In your own Opinion, do you think is good that Islam has no place in Slovakia? Please kindly share this article, so we can gather the view of other people.

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