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It is comparatively advantageous acquiring a Teaching Certificate from College than University – Education Blogger

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Award-winning Education Blogger and founder of Ellis Multimedia, Ellis Ferdinand has said that it was comparatively advantageous to acquire a teaching certificate from a College of Education than a University in Ghana.

Ferdinand was speaking on matters regarding the introduction of Bachelor Degree in Education Programs into the College of Education System as well as the affiliation of Colleges of Education to Public Universities and their effect on the Trainees in the Colleges of Education.

Job Market

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Ellis Ferdinand, who is an Education Blogger and Journalist at Summer Radio indicated, that acquiring a  Bachelor Degree in Education from any recognised University could be a great motivation as a University Graduate but may not necessarily give the graduate the advantage in the job market over someone who acquires the same certificate from the College of Education.

Ferdinand indicated, that the Ghana Education Service, for instance, who is the largest employer of teachers in the pre-tertiary level, gives preference to the employment of graduates from the Colleges of Education to their counterparts from the Universities.

Graduates from the Colleges are being given direct postings by the GES whilst their counterparts from the Universities are expected to apply and be posted when the need be.

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”Allowances in Colleges of Education have made it a better option than going to the University to obtain a degree with a student loan and still graduate unemployed” Ferdinand indicated.

He argued that though some schools of thought have argued that the payment of Allowance in Colleges of Education has outlived its purpose, it has now become a political propaganda which may not end anytime time soon, hence students must take advantage of the opportunity.

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Introduction of 4-Year B.ED Programmes

Ferdinand further indicated that the introduction of the 4-year Bachelor of Education programmes as part of the reforms in the College of Education has made the institution more attractive to applicants.

”The B.ED programme has made Universities offering education courses to make internal reforms hence making the Colleges almost equally to the Universities in the acquisition of knowledge and certificates” He said.

Affiliation to Universities

Enhancing his argument, he added, that the affiliation of the Colleges of Education to Universities has made Colleges of Education almost at the level of Universities hence sees no reason why students at the Colleges shall be seen as below the level of their counterparts at the Universities.

Credit: educationghana.org

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