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#Election Tower: Ben Carl sets the record straight on alleged Vice brouhaha. See Evidence

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Christopher Sam
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Today, I find great sense in the words of Thomas Sowell when he said that ” If people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or manufacturing propaganda, it is all the more important that the public understand that difference, and choose their news sources accordingly”.

I was greatly bewildered when my attention was drawn to a “news” on social media captioned ” Ben-Carl Defying the odds; Pushes for a Possible Merger with Sesah”. This caption had a screenshot of a What’sApp status update as evidence backing it. Personally, I don’t expect much from the media house that published it ( The KNUST TigerEye Media Inc) since they have deliberately built a political weaponry or machinery to run down my pursuit to serve students of KNUST. What wrong did I do? Has it now become a high treason to contribute your quota to the development and welfare of Students on campus?

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I must say, without mincing words, that there is no iota of truth in the communication of this supposed media group.

1. The WhatsApp Status update that was screenshot by some ill meaning propagandist to serve as evidence was posted on the 28th of December, 2019 with the caption ” If I don’t, who will? Lord, the courage to defy the odds” and to the best of my knowledge, that was before the unveiling of the “defy the odds” mantra.

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2. I am reliably informed by a screenshot from my opponent’s team that the TigerEye Media Inc. is an integral part of the communication outlet of the team and this very release is a propaganda tool targeted at me to throw me off focus and dispel the confidence Students of KNUST have in me.

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Notwithstanding this, myself and my team remain resolute, unbroken and unbent in our pursuit to serve students of this noble institution. It is no joke that we chose the mantra ” Collective Commitment”. Our Commitment to students of KNUST is resolute and undying.

We may face opposition, some agenda boys will try to run down our pursuit by cowardly hiding behind the veil of media but we wouldn’t be discouraged. Through all the propaganda, I wish to inform the very Students I seek to serve that I’m unscathed, I haven’t given up yet.
KNUST is yet to taste the good in me.

I admonish all Media houses on campus to maintain a high level of political neutrality in their reportages if they really seek to serve the well meaning students of KNUST.

Once again, my Commitment to Students of KNUST is resolute and undying. I’m ready to go the full distance.

Alone, I’m just a Man, but with you, I am an Army. I call on all Students of KNUST to rally solidly behind me as we better the SRC through Collective Commitment.

© A Ben-Carl write-up.
Friday, 7/02/2020. 12:27pm.



Disclaimer: This writeup is solely the thoughts of the said aspirant who feel disgruntled by the said allegation by the aforementioned media house. The views expressed here are that of the writer, and DOES NOT reflect the cooperate image of hypercitigh.com.

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