Indigens of Sankor, a town near Dixcove in the Ahanta West District of the Western Region have had enough reasons to put on a smile after two charity visits came their way by the Bernard Ekow Aggrey Initiative’s (BEA Initiatives) ‘Project One Thousand’.
Christmas in 2018 came with a touch for the town folks who were treated with the word of God and gifts ranging from clothes to books and bags of rice and oil. Beneficiaries were from all age groups; toddlers up to the aged.
The second Charity visit came their way this year’s 2019 as part of the Easter celebrations. As the city folks treated themselves to some beach activities and other fun programs, the BEA initiatives took to giving the people of Sankor another visit that brought to them the word of God and a treat bigger than the first one. There were more clothes, drinks, food and books for all beneficiaries to enjoy.

As a case, this is very interesting to take note of especially in times where people need a lot of support especially in areas like Sankor. The community like many other communities in the country have low income level indigens who need a lot of support from as many as can provide them with such support. The more, it is important to also note that they also would like to have enough to support others who will need the help. With this in mind, the two visits by the BEA initiatives have always put a smile on all and sundry. But how have they been successful?
As a group aimed at reaching as many people as possible with the gospel of Christ, they come up with appeals that accept as low as one Ghana cedi from the general public. Clothes, food, footwears and all are also accepted from as many as can contribute. As time goes on, the little and large drops of donations that come in culminate into the ‘many’ gifts that become a blessing to many together with the word of God. Although the organizers say the support is minimal, the few who have helped all through have brought about this success. The hope is obviously to get more and more support to be able to do more and effect more impact in the lives of many who have in deprived areas.

It has thus become necessary that the general cirizenary take keen interests in such projects that especially sought to help the less privileged. We must all see ourselves as partners in the process of development who partake in any project like this that sought to help the less privileged in society. In doing so, we alleviate the government of a lot if burdens to do more for us whiles no one in any government office with corrupt intents can come and give us any flimsy excuses on why development cannot be reached. We all out ourselves on the responsible edge by this and see the beautiful Ghana we all yearn for.
Charity visit has been successful by the support of a lot who are invariably small in this case. As citizens, let’s do well to support wonderful initiatives such as this. We must build together. Your little but remarkable support will be but a great push for the few who are always ready and set to go and bring the impact you contribute to, into fruition.
Support an initiative be today.

The BEA initiatives is a nonprofit organization that aims helping individuals, especially children gain a better life. The initiative, is the brain child of Mr.Bernard Ekow Agggrey, a social worker, philanthropist and entrepreneur based in Takoradi.
The Initiatives takes up various projects that aims at reaching specific goals of giving a comfortable life to people that need it, especially children. After its establishment in the year 2018, the Bernard Elow Aggrey Initiatives has so far undertaken projects (some as partnerships) such as Street feeding which saw hundreds of children in deprived situations in and around the Takoradi Market Circle being fed; A visit to the Sekondi Prisons, some orphanages,hospitals and villages like in this case Sankor. Some children have also had the opportunity of being enrolled into schools whiles their fees are paid together with that of others.
As a brainchild of the BEA initiatives, ‘Project One Thousand’ is a special outreach program that seeks to send the gospel or Christ to areas that are unreached whiles taking care of their needs. What they call a “Charity Evangelism” also aims at nurturing the souls won under this project to become stronger Christians.
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