Aging looks? Most common symptoms of age spots

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Ernest Gyedu
Ernest Gyedu
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Flat, tan, brown, or black spots on the skin that occur with increasing age. They vary in size and commonly appear on the face, hands, neck, and forearms.


If you’re experiencing new, severe, or persistent symptoms, contact a healthcare provider.

A harmless condition and symptoms are:

  • Painless dark spots on the skin
  • Occur mostly on sun-exposed areas such as the face and hands
  • Darkening of skin


  • Age spots occur due to excessive production of melanin pigment which results from overexposure to UV rays from the sunlight
  • Age spots can also result from the use of commercial tanning lamps and tanning beds
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Risk factors include:

  • Sun exposure
  • Age it is more common among 50 years or older people


  • Avoid frequent and intense sun exposure
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Wear clothes that cover up arms and legs
  • Wear a hat to protect the face from sun exposure
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