Woman: The Mirroring Flag of Society.

‘She’ was cautiously chosen, dimondized, cristalized, tactically ironed, and timely engineered to form a ‘golden germ’.

A special lab of ingenuity and wisdom was perfectly utilized to undertake this sculpture design work.

No amount of gravitational and destructive wind was able to withstand her emerging power of vehement resilience and efficacy.

Her thinking tank is deeply-rooted in an unshakable wise thoughtful thought, in such a way that no amount of flattery naivety can penetrate her ever-resistant lining silver-like shell.

The courageous spirits within her transmit a wavelength of despair to all “beings” who want to disrupt her incredible valour image.

Her unique imagery disposition, and constellation of refined adorable make-up, makes her a competitor to none.

She has an outstanding multitasking, multifaceted and telescopic orientation.

She charts a perfect path, primes her internal disposition appropriately, and brands her nature exceedingly to become a city of nurture overflow of wisdom and lab, where all people refer and tap generational blessings from.

Within her eyes is a genius visual compass that aids her to always project into the future, take appropriate milestone, necessary to ‘parachute’ her life, her family and the world at large to an appreciable tangent point.

By: Theophilus Quaicoe
B.A Social Work, KNUST.
[email protected]

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