Like the lost of a loved one, I learnt the results struck the very core of your heart, depressed your soul, and buried all your plans concerning the mid-semester exams.
You were impregnated with so much hope concerning the CWA which took centuries in labour, but the birth of it, sadly, has aborted all your hopes and scattered all your dreams of ever achieving your dream class.

I do feel your feelings and bear your burdens too, but don’t you rather see that the outcome of this results should rather propel you to treading a course that will make the next one bring the brightening smiles?

When an expected First Class turned out lower than the second class lower, when a perceived increment turned out to be a decrement instead, or an anticipated pass turned to a trail, you’ve every right to be frustrated, to blame your ancestors or aunties in the village, but no, this is the time to change habits, to change friends, to change studying tactics and to eventually change your CWA.

The harm has already been done but the good news is that it can be undone, when you drop the regrets, wipe away the tears, and go tear the papers in this impending mid-semester exams, don’t allow a single misfortune to unfortunately affect the rest of your fortunes!

No matter how down you are, there’s always something to look up to and keep your hopes alive. Trails are nothing but trials, but know that your Lord will never forsake you!

The fact that you’re in this University indicate that you’ve all it takes to sail through successfully, never give up, Firdaws loves you❣


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