We have the duty to tell the truth about Africa – Kwesi Pratt

We have the duty to tell the truth about Africa – Kwesi Pratt

Member of Socialist Forum Ghana, Mr. Kwesi Pratt, has advised Africans to take responsibility of re-telling the truth about the continent as it will play an important role in liberating the continent.

“…we need to tell the African story as part of the efforts to build new Africa in which no child will go to bed on an empty stomach. Our commitment is to build that new Africa in which Africans have confidence in themselves and do not feel inferior to any other race.” he said.


He also added that Africans should aim at building a new continent that is grounded on true democratic governance and justice.

“Our task is to build that Africa on the foundation of true democracy and social justice, not the kind of democracy and social justice that is promoted from the IMF and World bank which is leading to the poverty of our people.” he said.

He further encouraged Africans to press on in the agenda for the liberation of the continent because, according to him, Africa is victorious.

“We can do this if we apply ourselves to it and we can do it. African would be free no matter what the may do or think. Africa for Africans and victory is for the African people.”

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Mr. Kwesi Pratt was spoke at the opening ceremony of the 2018 All African people’s conference which was organized at the Bank of Ghana auditorium under the theme “Revisiting the 1958 All African peoples’ Conference; The Unfinished Business of Liberation and transformation “.


Story by: Dorothy Buatsi/universnewsroom.com

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