SAVE THE DATE by Mudassir Firdaws

SAVE THE DATE by Mudassir Firdaws

She didn’t know whether to cry, weep or shed tears, for what she saw murdered all her emotions, and rendered her numbed to any reaction.

She had never given birth before, but she was sure she felt twice the pain that which a woman who gives birth to triplet faces, or perhaps, that which a man feels when he mistakenly zips his “distin”.

She looked at the photo once again, this time with blurry eyes, she couldn’t console her tears anymore, so those unquenchable tears flood her chin like how water falls from a broken sky..

“I love you”, “I can never live without you”, “We’d name our first born son, Suhiyini”: she reminiscent all the sugar-coated words plated with platinum lies that Amin used to tell her everyday, those words still sound fresh in her ears like dew, like it was sung to her just yesterday…she looked stupid now, she has been deceived of his love, damped and dumped!


She regretted the very day their eyes ever fell on each other—that is exactly five years ago, she had told him severally that she wasn’t interested in a relationship, but he still insisted he be given a chance, she told him she was afraid of being hurt and he assured her of his forever flowing love, and yet here is she today, with her heart fractured by the very man who promised to heal her, saving the date with another–she felt like drinking a poisonous poison!

She had sacrificed everything for him including her flesh, the heartbreak didn’t pain her as much as the virginity he broke, he had promised her marriage, she fell for it only to be marred!

She loved him, and believed him when he said he do too, so she had served him food and serviced him with her food, donated every crevice of her cervix to his service!

The invitation card with the picture fell from her trembling hands, she had trusted him with all her lungs and intestines only to shockingly receive the news of his wedding date from a friend, in a friend’s wedding.

She tried to recollect something, but her mind wasn’t thinking straight anymore, she collapsed from the chair she sat, she didn’t fear breaking her leg or arm, for he had already broken not only her heart but her soul


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