Our Ghana

our Ghana

We live in a country where market women have to move their wares out of the way just so vehicles can pass by
These women kept saying kaa kese3 no ba ooo. To warn each other to keep their wares.

Yet we console ourselves with the phrase ‘developing country’. Giving our leaders too much room to feel confident and not set their game right. Too much hope to play around. We are under developed. A simple call to action!

What happened to implementations of policies that people; planners have been paid to draw! In shelves gathering dust. Under piles and piles of equally ignored documents.

In our part of the world, manifestos are strings of empty promises. Here, party faithfuls will vote for anything that represents a human being on the ballot sheet as long as it is under the endorsement of their ‘party’. There is absolutely now room for convincing such people to accept their party is wrong, they will defend the indefensible.

So no one is held accountable. Well except the few unlucky ones who are caught in the crossfires of number 12 exposes.

Certainly, we may be desiring for a different Ghana. A Ghana where agriculture works, where we can boost of smart houses, transportation is on point. A Ghana where we can drink pipe borne water not giving a damn about how high sachet water producers increase prices.

Ghana is a lovely country. However, we will fall hopelessly for it if we can rid ourselves of the ‘who knows you’ syndrome. Then we will have more competent people in positions to improve and impact lives.

We want a Ghana when where people have a better attitude towards government properties. Where government workers won’t go to work at 10AM, play with lotto numbers till 1PM and leave the office at 3PM. A Ghana where we will know and understand properly that ‘garbage in, garbage out’.We are the cause of our own problems. All talks no action

Ghana is fun. We play too much. We love our tweets and posts and statues. We make fun of everything. We diffuse all tensions. But can we apply, our tension diffusing skills on the positive sides?To enhance development, for the osmosis of development?

The youth, the future, we are sadly following the footsteps of our elders. The Akan proverb de3 cdi kan sua de3 cdi anim nante3′ fits perfectly on our heads. WhatsApp platforms are flooding with ‘educated’ Ghanaian youth talking trash about the same people they are likely to go up and become, if they do not change their ways. Beginning with foul language.

Here in Ghana, we love religion!!! Churches are everywhere. But we are not getting transformed. We are not renewing our minds. There is no balance. How productive can we be if we go to church from Monday to Sunday? Church is good, the Bible says to not forsake the gathering of the saints…The same bible says to go to the ant, sluggers, learn its way… Time management, the right things at the right time.

Clearly, no development theories will help us. Self reliance theory nor import substitution industrialization. We need all hands on deck, change our ways, make Ghana how we want it to be. The best version of itself

Brighten the corner where you are. Start small, a flicker, a glow, then we can have for ourselves a Ghana in flames…positive flames.Everyone has a part to play


Source: Akua Amponsah|[email protected]




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