Mother: The Strength of Society.

Mother: The Strength of Society.

Her flames of resilience and potency never quench.
Even if the wheel of life loses its stamina and locomotive power,
she strives to go the extra mile to design a new compass to keep us going.
She’s the greatest resource society has, and always relies on for survival, continuity and progression.
How she carves out and shapes the skills and potentials of her offsprings is exceedingly amazing.
She transforms downhearted souls to fully empowered and resourceful beings.
She’s always crowned the victor of every managerial award of life.
She’s comparable to none when it comes to knowledge base and skill set of child upbringing.
Her caring and loving nature is greatly manifested in how she’s able to sacrifice her pleasure, time, work, sleep, rest, and even in extreme cases her life for the baby in her womb.
Ideally, it’s extremely laborious to find a befitting adjective that best describes her nature and name.
She can turn a single being into a wonderful world of hope and sustenance.
Her kindheartednes is forever built on a bedrock of divine love.
What an adorable creature?
Her sculpture design was not just ordinarily done, but passed through a series of careful assembling and engineering work.
She’s worth celebrating and loving.
Her anniversarial moment never seizes; neither shall her service to humanity be erased from the minds and hearts of mankind.
Theophilus Quaicoe
[email protected]