Dear 2019,
A tear has just forsaken my eyes, as I try to unbutton my burdened heart, concerning the indelible cold memories 2018 has imprinted on my poor soul. Another tear just dropped down my face as I tried to recall, what I do not want to recall about the happenings of yesteryears.

I remember about two decades ago; when I was nothing but a child, running into the rains, sleeveless, embracing the sky’s tears joyously, as it drenched and soaked by clothes, but I cared less.
I remember, when I used to bath at the outside of the outside of our house, and not giving a damn about who was looking or who wasn’t!

Another tear has just flown down my cheek, because I miss me: that soft-hearted me of mine that was full of undying love. I especially miss those days; when I used to run with an unbrushed teeth to breakfast on “yara-yara”, steal glances at the cute girls playing amp3, whilst watching the men in boys wrestle at night when the moon comes on duty, for the prettiest girl in the village. But here I am today, at the shores of 2019, my once soft heart, now hard and hardened!

I now knew pain–I mean real pain, pain of the demise of my sibling, pain of the lost of my friends and my friends’ friends. But the death of a mortal man is less painful, what is more terrific or worse is the death of a man’s heart whilst he lives, a sad reality of our time. Hearts have become stiff-coated with iron devoid of any softness, to even fake a tear even upon a beloved demise!

I have seen betrayals: men stabbed at their left by their right-hand men, trust becoming meaningful only in the dictionary!

I have seen men denounce the faith, friends losing faith in their fate, people yearning for fame with the famine of their dignity–I’ve seen things too bold for my eyes, too cold for my heart and yet too sold to my soul!

I’ve seen corruption glorified, I’ve seen leaders driving with shivering hands and clueless minds, I’ve seen the opposition yearn for the proposition to fail, so they can yield to power–I’ve seen power abused and used uselessly!

I have seen the sheep ignorantly followed the shepherd to the slaughter, adhering without inherently opening the leaves of the sacred pages.. Did God choose some men, and disowned the rest of us to Satan?

I’ve seen the “children of God” and the “servants of God” butcher each other, just because the former believe in the son whilst the latter worship in the direction but not the sun!

I’ve seen uncles stripped the innocents of their own sister’s kids, devouring and deflowering their budding nieces, blaming their undeveloped chest, or anything they wish to blame except their own lame selves!

Dear Future, 2019, I have seen so many things yet I’m afraid my pregnant heart will miscarry at the thought of them all, all I ask is for you to be nice. We lost a battle in 2018, please don’t give us war.

May the Almighty make you better for us, not bitter🙏.

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