Indecent dressing may be defined as the wearing of cloths that are not appropriate for a particular occasion or situation, it means deliberate exposure of one’s body to the public, a practice which is contrary to the acceptable norms and values of the society.
Many people are apparently angered by the indecent dressing prevalent among youths nowadays. Indecent dressing is a social malady. It is deliberate exposure of one’s body to the public. This practice does not conform to the norms and values of the society, particularly the African society.
It is now common in public places including places of worship. Indecency is totally prohibited by our two major religions. That is Christianity and Islam. Indecency is the major cause of various assault and sexual harassment recorded in the society over time. For instance, the rape case recorded in our senior high schools in 2018 has its major cause from indecent dressing. Though that does not justifies their act but there are many girls in the school why those victims?
In the name of fashion, ladies dress half-naked. They derive pleasure in wearing mini skirts, bunper shorts and armless tops. Guys on the other hand have been seen fixing nails, piercing the ears and sagging, making them look like hardened criminals.
These unfortunate societal ill has now eaten deep into both the young and old. It is unfair to blame all parents but some can be blamed. The reason of saying this is some who live outside the campus dress decently before their parents. The more they go to school, they suddenly change their clothes particularly the females. Therefore such parents are not to blame.
On the other hand, some parents themselves dress indecently. How can they stop their children from doing so? This kind of parents can even encourage their children to attend parties in such dresses. For them there is not any wrong dressing in such clothes.
In our society any dressing pattern that exposes the nakedness (sensitive parts) of any person is considered indecent. Sadly, the rate at which indecent dressing has infiltrated into the moral fiber and academic progression of students is alarming. It is now becoming a custom that some people do not see anything wrong in dressing seductively. They is a wise saying that ‘when a wrong thing is done repeatedly, it gets to a point that it becomes an acceptable practice’.This is one of the reasons for which if efforts are not made to address the wrongs in society now, a time will come where most of the odds in society now will become a norm.
The concept of dressing from the Biblical point of view started from the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve used leaves to cover their nakedness. Right from then, dressing became part of humankind.
The Qur’an captures it right when it says ‘’Tell the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty. From the above, it clearly shows that both Christianity and Islam preach against indecent dressing.
In recent times it is common to hear complaints from religious leaders, lecturers, among other persons about the provocative dressing of the youth of today especially university students, our young ladies in particular. What some girls call skirts are just “only an inch or two” longer than their pants. When they put on such dresses, they struggle to sit down, cross gutters as well as pick anything from the ground. Apart from the skimpy and tight fitting nature of these dresses, they are transparent; revealing certain parts of the body that under normal dressing pattern ought to be hidden or concealed from the glare of people. Every place and it’s dress code. The challenge today is that most of us don’t know where to wear what. Some ladies dress to lecture halls at if they are going to the beach or they are in their bedrooms.

In our higher institutions of learning– universities, polytechnics and lately our teacher training colleges, students who, in the not-too-distant future will be writing applications to fill very responsible positions in the running of national affairs, who, therefore must parade themselves as role models, are seen half-naked flooded all over the campuses as if they were commercial sex workers in pursuit of their clients.
Now, it has even descended to our Senior High Schools and Basic Schools where students and pupils at these levels who basically look up to their seniors and elder brothers and sisters at the higher levels as their role models also take to various degrees of indecent and immoral dress codes thereby further depleting the moral fibre of society.
This strange way of dressing has negative effects on individuals and the society as large. When indecently dressed youth are not architects of crime, they are sometimes victims of crime. Indecently dressed females are raped, molested and others fall victims to ritual murder.
It is the major cause of the various kinds of assaults and sexual harassment recorded in the society over time. Sexy dresses worn especially by female elicit sexual responses from their male counterparts. Dresses that expose sensitive parts of the female body send wrong signals to their male counterparts. These forms of dresses suggest that such ladies need attention and are irresponsible thus there will all always be corresponding irresponsible men to dialogue, lure or force them to bed for sex.
Quite apart from these, there is a great possibility of indecently- dressed students becoming agents of the devil luring unsuspecting colleagues into all sorts of vices including prostitution, homosexuality and lesbianism. Widespread HIV/AIDS as a result of illicit sex, prostitution and sexual assault encouraged by indecent exposure. Disrespect among young men and women. Infestation of younger ones who apparently look up to their elder ones as models
Some of such get into the society frustrated. Some become thugs, armed robbers, prostitutes, marriage breakers and drug addicts
However, to reduce the ugly scenario parents are advised to be good moral examples to their children, give them attention and to as well regulates the films they watch at home, also the mass media must promote good moral values while religious leaders must preach against it, counsel and deliver those under demonic influences. The introduction and enforcement of college or university dress codes can also help.
To curb the menace of indecent dressing, parents are urged to be good models in morals to their children, give them attention and regulate the type of films they watch at homes. Companies looking for employees should consider their dressing styles before giving them appointment and withdraw employees who later take to indecent dressing.
These are necessary if decency must be achieved
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